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I am a mother of three using the world as my classrooom, broadening the perspectives of both my children and myself. I believe that by sharing our travels and perspectives we can offset the desire of some groups to create division between all of us sharing this amazing planet and human history.

l hold a Ph.D. in Instructional Design, have taught both nationally and internationally and have spent a total of 3 years of my life residing in Europe. Some adventures include children, some friends, and others are solo. Last summer, after having completed my 1971 Shasta Compact rebuild, I took a cross country trip from Alabama to California. There, I picked up my children and returned via every National Park we could hit to celebrate the 100th anniversary of our NP system. Before any trip, I thoroughly research the history and culture of our destination and read any relevant literature both fiction and nonfiction. Join me and become a part of my global classroom!

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