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What is a Travel Star?

A travel star is a person who shares their stories, images, or videos on travelstars.vrguest.com.

 What media can I post on Travel Stars?

You can post written blogs, photos, or videos. While we do not have podcast feature, you can submit audio-only videos, if you wish. Keep in mind, those who travel love to see images.

Does my blog have to have pictures?

You blog has to have a feature image. Interior images are optional but recommended

Do I have to travel to be a Travel Star?

Oddly, no. You can create posts about the destination where you live. Most of us live in fascinating places. Feel free to tell the world about yours. Nowadays, that’s called a “staycation.” If you generate enough interest, you could earn a free stay in a vacation rental from VRguest. Then you ARE traveling!

Can I enter a destination that is not on the VRguest list?

Yes, you can enter any destination you like. Make sure you enter the state and country to help us know where it is. If a destination we don’t have gets enough attention from Travel Stars, we will make it into a VRguest destination.

Can I put links inside my blog?


Can I advertise my product on my posts?

You can, so long as you post is travel related and useful to travelers

Can I promote myself on my posts?

Of course you can. You’re a Travel Star.

Can I put whatever the heck I want on my Travel Star post?

No. Posts considered SPAM will be removed and regular abusers will be removed from Travel Stars.

Does VRguest or VR Travel Stars sell my information?

No. We don’t sell you email, phone number, or other information.

Do I have to add my phone number?

To earn a free vacation stay, a phone number is required. If we cannot contact you after you earn a free stay, you will be disqualified.

If I earn a vacation stay on VR Travel Stars, do I have to promote my stay there?

Yes. That is the idea behind the program. During your stay, you are considered a Brand Ambassador for that property. Promoting the vacation rental is your exchange to the owner of property for staying there. We here at VRguest are travel bloggers too, so let’s face it, we know that travel blogging is lot of fun. So, all you are required to do is have fun so that you can have more fun.

What is a VRguest Travel Star Brand Amabassador?

When a Travel Star gains more views than anyone else, they can earn the chance to be a Brand Ambassador for one of our vacation rentals. The stays most often last one week. During that time, the person who earned the stay promotes their stay in that rental. They also use social media to tell the world about their stay before it happens and even after they leave. For that week, the Brand Ambassador is the star. A Travel Star, in fact.

Are we confusing blogging with sharing photos and videos?

Possibly. There are several philosophies. Some say the word blogging now also covers photo sharing and video blogging. Some say they are different. We have even spoken to those who insist that blogging is no longer considered social media. We here at VRguest are not philosophers. We tend to use the word “blogging” to cover everything. 

What does VR stand for?

On VRguest.com, it stands for Vacation Rental, not virtual reality.

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