Berry Creek Falls

Hiking Among the Redwoods

Few places hold reverence to hikers and Americans like the Redwood Forest. It goes beyond the verse in This Land is My Land and scenery from Star Wars.It’s a unique ecosystem that is only found in America that has endured for over 2000 years. Think about that. These trees were around before Julius Ceaser. Perhaps they put out some oxygen that Ceaser breathed in his last breath.

It was also these forests that lured Ed away from Ohio nearly thirty years ago and his daughter off to college today. We took the weekend to get kiddo dropped in Santa Cruz, where the back door to her dorm literally opens up into a Redwood Forest but we went deeper still.

This trip up north we ventured into Big Basin Redwoods State Park to tackle to notorious Berry Creek Falls Trail. This beast was the longest continuous hike Jenn has made in her life with significant elevation changes. What really sets it apart was the opportunity to hike through old growth redwood forests and find not one, not two but four waterfalls that have a combined drop of over 300′.

This week’s post has over twenty stunning photographs from the trip along with detailed trail maps and some amusing antidotes of our adventures along the way. We really hope that you click in and check it out. After all, this land was made for you and me.




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